Car Accident Chiropractor In Hickory

Why You Should Consider Our Chiropractic Care After An Auto Accident Injury

While we offer several types of treatments at Carolina Chiropractic Wellness Group, Inc, chiropractic care is one of our areas of specialization. We are one of the best and oldest chiropractors in Hickory, NC. We treat auto accident injuries regularly. The most common type of injury that results from a car accident is whiplash. This is an auto accident injury to the neck caused by a collision from the rear.


If a car hits your car from the back at top speed, it is likely the passengers in your in the accident will suffer a whiplash injury. If you have experienced a whiplash injury or any other injury resulting from an auto accident, you need our chiropractic treatment. Here are some of the reasons to consider chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care is very effective

You may have experienced temporary pain-relieving from time to time. On the other hand, without finding the root of what is causing your pain, you will constantly experience pain. When injuries go unchecked or are never corrected eventually the problem will worsen. At our office, we strive to get to the root of your pain, from misaligned bones to chiropractic clients. Our team will work to get to the root of the pain. We use a variety of methods to heal your pain such as adjustments to realign your body, use hands-on equipment and even have medical equipment to help your chiropractic care.

The treatment exposes other hidden injuries

On several occasions, we have detected hidden injuries in our patients during one of their chiropractic treatment sessions. Because we strive to get to the root of your pain, our techniques can detect other injuries. By readjusting and realigning your body, we will notice any parts that are out of order.

Better Range of Motion with Carolina Chiropractic Wellness Group

Injuries can reduce the range of motion in your joints. You may not be able to move the joints as easily as you used to move them. Our chiropractic procedure can correct that. It may be gradual and you may have to bear some pain, but we will restore your body’s mobility. 

Our chiropractic team stands out because our team is highly experienced. They have been providing treatment for several years and get results when helping patients relieve pain.  If you’ve just sustained an injury from an auto accident or any other accident, call (828-322-4784 to book an appointment with us. Let our chiropractor in Hickory at Carolina Chiropractic Wellness Group, Inc ease your pain!