Envision Corporate Wellness


Envision Wellness Inc. provides wellness solutions for Corporations, small businesses and residents of assisted & independent living facilities to help employers improve productivity and job satisfaction while reducing healthcare costs.

Is Envision Wellness right for your business or facility?

An Envision Wellness Feasibility Study is conducted to establish a mutual appreciation of the workplace issues facing your organization and to develop the Envision Wellness solutions that best meet your improvement objectives.  C  

  • Reduce Healthcare Costs: Over the past 5 years, insurance costs have increased, while benefits have decreased. Rather than cutting benefits or shifting more costs to employees, businesses across the country are implementing wellness programs as a way of controlling high health-care costs.  To show savings from a wellness program, it is essential for a company to provide a well-run program with comprehensive and effective interventions, on-site and remote programs, wellness coaching, and continuous communication to your employees.
  • Improve Job Satisfaction, Health, and Productivity of your Employees: An effective wellness program will help employees change their habits & live healthier lifestyles.  Envision Wellness programs are designed to help employees manage their time and stress levels better, all of which are contributing factors to lost productivity & missed work.
  • Reduce Workers Comp claims and costs: Does your facility currently have programs in place to educate employees on how to reduce on the job injuries and repetitive motion disorders. Many of the diseases that lead to employee disabilities, workers compensation, absenteeism and inability to perform at optimum levels are related to lifestyle choices. Our advanced wellness programs will keep employees functioning at an optimal level, and reduce workers compensation/disability claims and expense. As part of our wellness program we will train your employees with various health workshops and educational material on proper lifting techniques, and stretch programs to be done once per day that can prevent these problems and reduce workers’ compensation injuries from occurring.
  • Enhance the Health and Quality of Life Seniors: Senior wellness is considered to be an active process of becoming aware of and learning to make choices (healthy choices) that lead toward a longer and more successful existence.
  • We use the word "process" to note that further improvement is always possible
  • We use the word "aware" to note that we are continuously seeking more knowledge about how we can improve.
  • We use the word "choices" to note that we consider many options and choose those in our best interest.
  • Time and Resource Savings: We provide qualified Wellness coach’s & health professionals who will help coordinate all the nuts and bolts to deliver a proven wellness program to your employees, their families, and your residents.
  • Additional Marketing Services to Promote & Differentiate your Facilities and Wellness Programs – Our marketing solutions will help promote your facilities internet presence to drive in more potential residents in your target demographic. We will help promote your facilities wellness programs both internally and externally to maximize the value you receive from our partnership. By differentiating your facilities and promoting them more actively on the web, we will be able to enhance your online presence, search engine optimization results, and overall marketing success.