What to Expect

First Visit:

To help ensure your first visit with us is pleasant, and so that you know what to expect, here are the procedures that will take place during your first 45-60 minute session. 

Paperwork: Completing our initial questionnaire helps us to get to know you. The doctor will use this information to help formulate your care program. During your first visit, you will also receive a copy of our financial policies and will be advised of the cost of our office procedures.

Consultation: You will meet our doctor and staff, who will review your trauma & health history and determine if yours is a chiropractic case.

Examination: The best physical, orthopedic, neurological, postural, gait and chiropractic tests will be performed to determine the causes of your problem and proper solutions to move forward with.

X-Ray: If necessary we will take unique X-rays of your spine to evaluate the wear and tear that has occured over the years and further access your true state of well being.

Future Visit:

Analysis: Plan to spend about fifteen minutes extra on your second visit receiving a more in-depth report of findings before your first chiropractic adjustment. After analyzing your exam findings & X-rays , the doctor will review your findings and give specific recommendations for your improved health.

Adjustments: The doctor will use carefully directed and controlled pressure to restore the moveable bones of your spine to a more normal motion and position. These procedures are called “chiropractic adjustments”.

Adjunctive Procedures: The doctor may suggest the application of ice or the use of some other procedure to help reduce the inflammation and make you more comfortable. Advice also will be given on posture, exercise and nutrition to speed your recovery.

Education: Also within your first week of care we invite you to attend our new patient ‘Strategies for Healthy Living’ session which will help guarantee that all your questions are answered and provide you with the tools to ensure you get the best results. Each month we also offer a separate unique workshop to take your health to the next level with Nutrition, Exercise, and Stress Management.